Monday, 18 November 2013

Why Law Firms should replace / upgrade old hardware?

It may seem easier and cost effective to run a business on old hardware.

Law Firms hoping to run on old hardware may run into unwanted down time and at the worst data loss.

IT shops will recommend replacing old hardware after 4 years.

But people considering that all old hardware just runs and never fails may bulk at the statistics.

Hard drives fail a lot and can fail at any time,

  • Year 1,     5.1% chance of failure
  • Year 2 -3, 1.4% chance of failure
  • Year 3-4, 11.8% chance of failure 
  • Year 5,   > % of failure
Interesting to note hard drives are most reliable in their 2nd to 3rd year.

Consider at the very least replacing hard drives when their old or having a set of spares for when they fail.

The article below goes into more details